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SPFA (Registered charity in England and Wales, Charity No. 1172005)

We are a group of SS Peter & Paul parents, family and teachers who work together to organise fundraising and social events for our school community; all for the benefit of our children. Keep an eye on the events calendar in the school newsletter to find out what is going on. Volunteers to help and more members are always welcome.

Hi! The SPFA have a new website that can be accessed via the following link:
On here you can purchase new uniform, see what second hand uniform we have in stock, purchase tickets for upcoming events and keep an eye on all the SPFA fundraising activities.
There is also a section “Can You Help”, here is your opportunity to volunteer your help at our events with the click of a button. Please do register on the site and if you have any suggestions or queries please do let us know. Thanks SPFA Team x


Join easyfundraising and you can collect free donations for our school every time you buy something online. By joining here you can raise money for the school all year round and it won't cost you a penny.

Follow this link, set yourself up , download the app  and away you go!  Invite family and friends as every penny helps.

Basically before you buy anything on line, go to the site via the easy fundraising app (or web page ) and if the company you are about to use (and there are loads, ) are on the scheme, you click to their website from within easy fundraising.  Everytime you then buy something, the school get a kickback donation.

Sometimes it is only small amounts like 50p but please don't be put off it all adds up. 

And if you are booking holidays or buying more pricy items the donations can be really good. It's really easy to use once you are set up, just takes an extra click, really does not cost you anything at all. 
The hardest bit is just remembering to use it 😃

Procedures & Policies

Join in with the conversation!   The SPFA have created their own facebook page the'SSPP Fundraising Page'to help ensure all voices can be heard. We have an amazing community, we value everyones ideas/opinions and we are sure through a combined effort we will make this year another great success of fundraising for the school.   

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