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RE Inspection Report

SS Peter & Paul Catholic Primary School underwent a Catholic School Inspection (CSI) on 31st January & 1st February 2024 and we were proudly graded as Good.  To read more please click here.



This is a good Catholic school because:

  • The pupils, staff and governors engage well with the school’s mission statement.

  • The pupils’ behaviour is exemplary. They have an ability to listen, give thanks, forgive and be forgiven. Their conduct and attitudes continually reflect the mission of the school.

  • Pupils can access learning effectively because teachers plan a variety of tasks that match their needs.

  • Pupils enjoy their Religious Education lessons and their written work is of a high standard.

  • Throughout the school, there has been a successful focus on ensuring that pupils have a very good knowledge of the Bible.

  • The school has developed the pupils’ ability to plan and lead acts of collective worship.

  • All pupils conduct themselves with extreme reverence and respect in Church at Mass and during class assemblies.

  • Pupils have a good knowledge and understanding of prayer.

SS Peter & Paul had a Catholic School Inspection (CSI) on 31st January & 1st February 2024

and was judged to be a GOOD school.  

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